Thursday, January 26, 2006

Exams are done.. for this semester anyway!

Gosh, I have had such a hectic time studying.. I am sure that my eyesight has deteriorated since then. I find it hard to drive at night now! The car number plates are not recognisable from a decent distance. Dang!

But I really enjoyed studying for the exam.. I felt so strangely fulfilled. Mind you.. it was not easy.. British exams are all about memory work unfortunately but then again.. reading all the stuff sure feeds my brains.

But honestly, I doubt I could have lasted more than 2 weeks of exams.. it's really tiring and I felt as though I was falling sick at the end of it all cos of the pressure. I was so worried that I would fail Strategic Management... too difficult but thankfully "Stuck in the middle" came out and also "Porter's 5 forces". I prepared for those!

There is no way one can do this part time with 6 modules. Most of the part-timers take 2 subjects per semester. And they take 7-10 days off to study too. So that is doable. Well, I was thinking that it's really a blessing to be able to do this fulltime though I would not recommend doing this unless you have got loads of discipline and don't mind loneliness. It was really a lonely period but I guess that it's only for a season and sides.. I get a break in between to visit my in-laws in Australia too!