Thursday, March 31, 2005

Earthquake 8.5

It was just after midnight on the Tuesday 29th March. I was reading "Return to Temptation" by Jennifer Crusie (I can’t believe I was actually reading this crappy book) when my bed started shaking and the front door to my 12th floor apartment unit was making noises as though someone was banging on it. I stood up immediately and felt the earth move under my feet and the water in my transparent jug was moving just like the cups in Jurassic Park when the dinosaurs stomped on the ground.

I quickly looked out my window and saw people streaming out of the doors of their units. It must be an earthquake.. I thought frantically "Dang! Marido is not here to share this experience with me!!". I rushed out in my sarong and grabbed my sweater (I was braless) and handbag too. I even had the sense to lock my door before following the crowd to walk the twelve floors down. On the ground, there were no more tremors but I still felt shaky. I called a colleague from my office (she thought that I was out of my mind when I told her that the building was shaking) and ran over to her place.. abt 3 mins away and decided stayed over.

The next day, all was fine.. no cracks on the building. Thank God! But it was scary for me.. but some of my friends.. eg Sieg actually thought that it was better to die in her comfortable bed rather than whilst running down the stairs.. sigh! Another friend said that she rather die than be woken up from sleep... sheesh!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Today we, a company that was bought over joined our mother ship at Jalan University. However the excitement of moving back to base was marred by the size of my work station. I have been reduced from a manager space to a telephonist cubicle. It is liked to me having a semi-detached house and now I am demoted to a terrace house.

However the ‘bigger’ managers have a room.. and the rooms are quite large. All the better for us to dump the Point Of Sales materials there. What is worse is that we are not connected by phone and therefore cannot work at all. I am now just writing emails and updating this blog about the office situation. I am seated amongst the secretaries. I am assured of being well taken care off. The secretaries are soo sweet, they feed you and fuss over you ;)

Another good thing is that we have a office warming party this evening. Hip hip hurrah for being able to get drunk soon. We can all eat and be merry… har har… Getting drunk during office hours are quite common for us in this company.. nice eh? All that wine.. lovely!