Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lunch by the sea in Spain

A friend Boo commented on another friend HD who just came back from a working trip to Spain, Holland and dunno where else "Fulamak! Syok betul, makan at sea side, somemore dapat menari....jealous betul... got vacancy ah? "

Disneyland HK (2)

Las fotos de mi hija...Lottie

Balloons Galore!!

A view from the Tarzan's Tree House

Night date with Donald

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

View from The Peak (Hong Kong)

I finally managed to download photos taken during my last trip to Hong Kong. My camera got wacko for a few months. Got that fixed...Sony is so efficient in their service.

Anyway, this is the awesome view from the peak. You need to take the tram up to see this magnificient view. It really is a vibrant city... a beauty...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mountain roads

I have been finding my sleep filled with weird dreams lately. Why just last night, I dreamed of a long windy mountain road. I was somehow walking on it... and then I spotted 2 lions with big fluffy hair.. like lions are apt to have. I stopped in my tracks... in fear... who would not be afraid of lions....

They looked at me.. with twinkles in their eyes...strange! Then I saw a local woman with a basket on her head walking past those 2 lions and into a side gate. The 2 lions just blinked at her. Curiousity! I cautiously walked nearer to them and noted that they were just mountain goats... then my dream ended!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Why won't you love me back?

I cannot contemplate why you don't seem to love me. I have loved you since I was able to realise how beautiful you are. I cannot seem to imagine a life without you... yet you seem to push me away. Can't you see me... I have been here all this time.. all I do.. or most of it anyway, I do it for you.. for your sake.. for your good.. why do you not care about me? In everything, you seem to tell me to leave you, to start a life anew without you. You don't do me any favours, you ignore my existence except when you take something from me, you don't care if I married someone else..

How long will I be a fool? How long do I continue to have love unrequited? I love you so.. why can't you love me back??

Malaysia.. please love me back.....

My Malaysian Harry Potter

Here is my humble harry potter. This is the one whose girl friend feels ok with him hanging out with me cos I am soooo old I can be his sister?? Can you believe that I am not treated like an 'older' woman... woohoo! What an interesting feeling!

*Rubbing hands in glee* Hanging out with younger man does have its advantages.. no one seriously thinks that there is anything going on... esp the guy... he would be sooo comfortable... i get the benefit of a platonic friendship and some male companionship.... lucky older women!!! Seriously.....


"It is about being chained by the things of your choice."

MIA 2006

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sobrina, sobrino y mi hermana

Here is a pix of my familia here in Rawang... pix of Spotty will be up soon! I hope.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Courting Spotty...

I have an obsession about dogs. I was supposed to go visit my nephew who has just popped from the oven but when I was there at my sis' place.. I spent more time chasing the dog then peering with pride at my nephew.

Sigh! Definitely no maternal instincts yet.

Instead of learning to bathe the baby, I ended up bathing the dog.

Instead of cooing at the baby, I was making clicking noises at the dog.. getting him to come near me

Instead of feeding Elyon with milk, I ended up handfeeding Spotty with dog biscuits

Instead of petting Elyon's head, I was ruffling Spotty's fur

The dog was definitely a star in my eyes. Sorry Elyon.. you have yet to become as interesting as the dog.

Double sigh! Either I am strange or the maternal instincts are buried really deep.

True Fitness as opposed to False Fitness

I was trying out the 7 day free trial for True Fitness. I had a one day free personal trainer named Kamarul. He was so softly spoken that I had to bend towards him to hear him. I felt a little uncomfortable having to be so 'close' to someone I just met. Anyway, he was professional in other sense.. took me around the place (4 stories of gym and!) and showed me the equipment needed for all parts of the body.

It was good having an expert telling you what to do compared to when you are there the 1st time on your own and having to figure out the blasted machines where do I stick my foot or am I supposed to be dangling from the cord? Why is there a piece of stick here at my armpit?...

True Fitness are really all out to get members signed up. With 40,000 sgft in Sri Hartamas and 80,000 sqft in Subang.. they must be suicidal. The club was virtually empty when I was there at 11am. However it's definitely a growing biz with the creeping in of obesity and the urban lifestyle... howlah to exercise outdoors when you come back from work late...dark, scary, dangerous. In any case, sometimes when I go jogging round my taman asso got creepy feeling when many men pass you by and looking at you... not that I the good looking.. it's just the feeling I get.

But there is one thing nice about jogging round the taman.. there are 2 kancils there Josie and Bonnie (Short for Josephine and Bonaparte).. they are so cute... Max brings them out for a run almost everyday at about 6.30pm. Ok.. they aren't kancils.. they are minpins... but that what Max tells all the Muslims he meets there.

Just got invited to Max's place for a drink next month.. cool.. can't wait to play with his cat too.


I have finally discovered why I was down feeling like my head was going to explode. I was too "pou" - meaning.. having a bit too much good quality herbs to nourish my body. Strange though. I am suppose to nourish my body and it gets ill because it cannot take the 'nutrients' from the Yomeishu.

I have stopped taking it since. Will probably resume in a week... at the moment, I am drinking like a horse ... even the water in Spotty's bowl is beginning to look interesting (Spotty is my sis' dog).

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pimples, Blackheads and Blocked Heads

I still have pimples.. hey- i thought being in the 30's you get less and less but apparently my hormones must have gone haywire. There are at least 10 on my cheeks... sheesh! Good thing they aren't the jerawat batu types.

And the black heads.. gosh... it's a skin therapist's heaven!

Been ill for a few days too. Fever, sorethroat, headache. All started when I spent 2 hours with Thomas T that lasted 6 hours. By then I was ready to strangle him as he went on and on about how to do a dissertation. The next day, I went over to Phoenix's place for her farewell (shez going to Miri to work with Shell.. cool!) You've should have seen the beautiful cake that Spot and Snowie made for her. It was an aeroplane with clouds at the side and the logo of Shell too!

I digress.. after the farewell, I zonked out for hours... really tired and felt ill. Then I could hardly finish my law assignment...*7(*&0Y^... I find law really complicated.. I think I don't understand they way they write things... had to read Law for stupid students...!!

today.. I feel better.. Finished my 2 law assignments- 2 more to go and another 4 more other subjects to complete. Sigh! I better go destress... brain freeze- if you know what I mean!