Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time to move on

I think sometimes we outgrow something we hold dear for far too long and so today... is the start of doing what Alex likes to tell me "Move on".

Stopping the milk

It has been about 16 months of breastfeeding and it is time to give it up.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy? - so what else is new?

Yeah.. as the title suggests, i am busy but so is everyone else? But let me just share with you what my busy means at this point of time.

I have been staying in Brisbane and Gold Coast the last 2 weeks in a 2 bedroom apartment. The one in Brisbane is the Oaks Festival Tower (The Oaks are everywhere in Brisbane!) near to Queen Street malls and other amennities like the library (which I love as it is baby/kids friendly) and Woolies or Coles which I cannot live without ;). The day starts off at 7.30am with either one kid howling or both of them placidly playing in their cots. Then, it's a whirlwind of feeding, bathing, more feeding and cooking and yet more feeding and cleaning the mess they make due to their inability to eat like an adult. Honestly, after eating, my kids have food all over their heads cos their will take the food out of the mouth, look at it with deep interest and with a happy squeal slap it on their heads. Garrr! One of my friends told me that everytime her son has some bits of food at the corner of his mouth, her mother in law would jump up and wipe it away.. I can just imagine her having a fit if she sees my children. I dont have a baby high chair here too and feeding kids without strapping them down is terribly irritating. I dont know how mothers run around chasing their kids for food. At least for me, my kids walk up to me and open their mouths. Phew!

Sometimes in the midst of taking care of the kids and preparing them for outings, i forget to eat.. but no worries.. i am not losing weight at all. That is because i get good sleep cos the kids are down for 12 hours in the night... all that training works!

Then, in the afternoon.. it starts all over again. But in between, i managed to read 2 books in that week (Life with Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse - darn farnee but after one book, i have had enough of that idiot, bumbling Bertie and his all too clever butler Jeeves. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami - also after one book, i think i shall give the rest of his books a miss... it's good writing and completely unputdownable but I find the bizarreness of spirits taking over one's body to murder people, fish falling from the sky and people fainting but yet having their eyes open and moving to the left and right... a bit too much for me. I have just got to read.. it keeps me sane somewhat. in between, I managed brisk walks along the incredibly lovely burleigh beach.

The kids are so adorable (to me only lah) and i think that perhaps they need to be adorable and funny so that the exasperated parents dun kill them off. I think the secret to calm parenting is to be just that.. calm.. in the face of whatever that happens.. like Cookie cracking her head on the edge of the glass table when she fell on it, Eggy smiling at her grandmother with a mouthful of zinc oxide, Cookie and Eggy dipping their fingers in the Bottom Butter and licking them.. it smells really good! Eggy walking into the wet bathroom and falling like she slipped on a banana peel, Cookie dangling my new Iphone out the 11th floor railing on the balcony, Cookie grabbing Eggy's fuzz on the head and looking at me as though she has done something incredibly crever while Eggy is bawling away, Cookie eating a bar of soap that she managed to open from its plastic packaging, Eggy upsetting a bowl of soft boiled eggs and soiling the hotel carpet and our clothes, both of them eating bananas and stomping them on the carpet when they feel like it. Or better still, Cookie discovering the soiled diapers and opening it up and smearing the delicious poo on her hands and clothes and then passing it to Eggy - really should have taken a photo of this!