Monday, January 19, 2009

5 tips to living longer

I have been watching this fab show during my ‘stint’ in Brisbane recently. While feeding my kids at 9.30am, I get to watch “What’s Good for You!’. There are many questions tackled during the one hour show. Today, I thought to just let you know about living longer.

1. Optimism – if you are the type that sees the glass to be half full.. you may just live longer than those who see it as half empty. How to get optimistic.. according to studies, you can do meditation, pray, retrain your mind…

2. Exercise – but of course, we know this already… but what we don’t know is that it’s not just the physical exercise.. mental ones are important too. So.. a half hour exercise of walking a day is ideal and an hour of shopping is even better… u get to exercise the body and the mind (by choosing and looking at interesting things).. what a great shocker for the wallet!!)

3. Eat well – what do you know… eating well… is my diet of bak-kut the every morning good? Hmm.. the Mediterranean diet is supposedly great… vino, pasta, tomatoes…plenty of antioxidants.

4. Friends – have more friends.. good friends apparently prolong your life… it’s not that family is not important but me thinks that family can create stress as you are stuck with them! (all u family who are reading this…what do you think?). Family can stave off the disability among the elderly tho according to studies which I cant verify cos I only caught bits and pieces of the show.

5. Getting married – sorry folks.. this only applies to men. Apparently men add 7 years to their lives by marrying cos of the element of care and concern given by their mates. Unfortunately for women… all that caring and giving takes years away from you as studies show that single women live longer than married ones… ok.. I better take some time off for rest and relaxation once in a while to ensure that I live long enough to continue to care for the hubby! An interesting note to add – if the man surrounds himself with women, he will live longer…. *dionngz* what does this mean.. he sud have loads of girl friends… well I think the studies only confined it to children. Men add 74 weeks to their lives for every daughter they have… hmmm… hubby will add 4 years to his life with our 3 girls! Women get 95 weeks for every kid regardless of gender! Does that mean that women are less bias about children gender?? Anyway, I wonder if this is true for asian cultures which ‘worship’ the male child!