Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have nicknamed my twin 1 as Cookie and Twin 2 as Eggy. Reason : Cookie makes a noise like a kookaburra and Eggy simply looks like an egg!

Eggy has been crying inconsolably for the last 2 weeks and it has wreaked havoc on my sleep pattern and my own well being (not to mention poor Eggy's too). I took note on all her behaviour and checked with my book and it all points to 'reflux'. I took her to the local paed who told me to change my milk formula to something thicker (hello.. I am breastfeeding).. then she told me to put cereal in the milk (hey bodoh! My anak is only 1.5 months old). As you can tell, I gave up on that paed.

I then took her to the paed who tended to her when she was born. He agreed that it was reflux and prescribed Losec Mups. He was writing down in his sheet "Once a day" and then Eggy threw up in my arms.... "Make that twice a day".

At first the medication worked well, Eggy was still throwing up but no longer crying like she was dying. But after one week, she started crying inconsolably again. Took her back... this time she was pumped with Zantac and also Colimix (which, btw is not supposed to be taken by infants less than 6 months.. sigh).

After the 3 drugs, she proceeded to sleep for the next 2 days.. with her body all floppy and only waking up to feed. Today is her 3rd day and I had reduced the medication to only Losec Mups and Zantac. And tomorrow I shall only feed her with Zantac. Both these medicines are acid inhibitors - meaning they reduced the production of acid in the stomach. None that really solves the problem of the weak spincter (the valve that prevents food from coming back up from the stomach).

However, the doctor says that the problem should go away in about 2 month. I hope so... cos Marido has the same problem but he is controlling it by eating Probiotics and exercising.

Monday, June 02, 2008

CONFINEment Lady

The concept of the confinement lady or confinement period is probably a weird one to my in-laws. But it's an age old one with the chinese community here in Malaysia and if I am not mistaken, other cultures like the Malays and the Indians have their own version too.

Well, I looked out for a confinement lady when I had passed the critical 3 months period. I called 3 different ones and they were all booked. I had one lady in Penang who was rather excited to take on twins but she had a bung knee and found that climbing stairs too difficult. So I did not take her. In desperation, I had one confinement lady recommend one for me. Her name was Peggy (so cool huh.. one wud think that confinement ladies are called Auntie So and So). Peggy is 62 years old but very sturdy and looks healthy.

She arrived on the day I returned from the hospital. Good thing I did not get her in earlier as i could hardly eat anything on the first day post op as the body rejected water and food. Kept on vomitting as I kept on trying to take sips of water.. bad idea!

Peggy came with bags and bags of things. She looked like she was moving house. But that was a good thing as she came very prepared. She promptly started preparing dishes for me. I had lotsa ginger (but not that much-maybe I find it ok).. but there was like 3kgs of Bentung ginger (apparently the China variety is not that nice to eat).

I have been enjoying good food... so nice to have Peggy's like having a mum.. a little naggy but I feel rather pampered.. lucky me! She does not come cheap though.. but i figured that since the way I take care of my health during this period may determine my overall health later in life (this is what the Chinese believe), it's worth the money! ;)

She takes care of the babies for all their needs except their nutritional ones.. this is where she hands the babies to me each time they cry for a feed (even at night). At the moment, I am feeding on demand... hmm.. trying to see if I can set a routine but that will only happen after Peggy goes home.