Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My 2nd day at work

Today is Tuesday.. my second day at work. So far so good but yesterday I was in near hysterics. Being pregnant certainly makes you more of a chicken than ever. Driving around seems like a chore and so I got Marido to send me to the office in PJ at 8 in the morning and we got there at 8.30am.. not much traffic as its school holidays. I was dreading the cab ride that I foresee i will be taking as my actual office for the next month is in KL. The entire dept is due to move to PJ but since renovations would take some time, I was to be stationed at KL after meeting my superior yesterday morning.

Then the boss told me that I have a training session for several days in a hotel and so he dropped me off at the hotel (so nice of him). At the end of the day.. 6pm.. of the training, my bum was aching and I felt rather ill. How am I supposed to get on tomorrow.. i wondered.. is going back to work a psycho thing to do? I was exhausted at the end of the day. Marido figured out that this was probably the most exhausting day in the last 4 months that I was pregnant and not working!

Well, this morning, I found it so hard to crawl out of bed even though I went to bed at 10.30pm the night before. Marido drove me to work today.... I was like a stoned person until I reached KL. Fortunately, by the time training started, I was not feeling as bad as yesterday.. altho the bum is still aching from sitting for so long... well.. I think all preggie women experience that!

More to blog later I hope about my work adventure!

Decision to rejoin the workforce

When I announced to my friends about my decision to rejoin the workforce 2 months ago.. I was just surprised by how much people cared about me. I had so many opinions given to me (all which were valid and honest) that I got a bit confused about that decision to go back to work.

Many people said that they would quit work immediately upon hearing that they have twins. You know.. twins... higher risk blah. However.. none of these women were mengangguring for the last 6 months or had invest quite a large sum of money on a post graduate education a year before that.

I do know that twins carry a higher amount of risk but according to medical books... the risk are not that much higher than a singleton. The mother-to-be may be a little more exhausted than a singleton carrying mum but it does not mean that the mum cannot work. I don't deny that i will have a harder time than most people. Well.. in the end.. the decision to go back to work is a mix of so many things that I have weighted. However, if by the end of this month and I am still not over the vomitting.. I shall concede defeat and give up the job. In the meantime.. I am excited about going back to work. That put a smile on my face (other than when I found out I was carrying twins).

Here's to a successful venture! And happy twins!