Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Visit to the Vet

Dr Merv had been Nimz' vet for quite a while now. Just on Friday I brought Nimz to see him for his annual vaccination and deworming trip to see Dr Merv. I washed Nimz just an hour before and hairdryed him (after the vaccination, you were not supposed to bathe the cat for about a week).

Dr Merv recognised Nimz straightaway and took out his file (which in under his name) with my name as his owner.. altho i do think that I am more like his slave than owner. NImz is brought into the cat room where Dr Merv would start the procedure by taking him out of his cage gently and mumbling soothing words to him and even smelling his fur to see if he had a good or bad odour. He then tickled his chin and told him "You are such a good boy! Come, let me see your eyes". He looked into the crystal ball like eyes and pronounced that NImz looked perfectly healthy via the eyes, then he touches his nose to see if its slightly wet. He also used his fingers to feel Nimz all over the body to check for any unusual lump or inflammation. He took his temperature (of course via his 'behind' and talked to Nimz cheerily all the time while the thermometer was in his bum. Clearly Nimz was quite upset and moved his tail violently. Lastly he checked his ears, and sniffed at his mouth.

Dr Merv always cleans Nimz's ears by putting some ear drops into his ears and then for the next minute of so, Nimz would resemble and an Ewok with flattened ears.. damn hilarious sight for those whose cats always have erect ears! Dr Merv advised me to clean his teeth with gauze and cat mouth wash to help with his gingivitis. "Gingivitis would shortened the cat's life span by 20%... oh dear.. Nimz, you did not hear this" he lowered his voice as Nimz gave a whimper.

After the procedure, I got a tour of his latest acquisition of a cat which had been run over by a car. The hinds legs were crushed and the cat was almost put to sleep due to him being injured quite badly. However, the cat showed such resilience that Dr Merv amputated his legs and now when i looked at Gump.. he had the appearance of a normal cat sitting down on his haunches but when he walked towards me, only his front legs moved while his back was sliding over the floor. He was such a lovwly looking cat, with bright green eyes and a narrow sweet face. Such a lovely disposition too. My heart melted as i tickled him. The amazing thing about Gump, well he probably does not realise that his legs are missing and just carried on living with his new situation. No grumbling. just a cheery meow when you come over to say a few words to him.