Sunday, February 24, 2008

View of Beaches

This is like a picture of a postcard, right? I took it in Maldives.
This picture was published in the local paper in Queensland. Picture taken by Marido on Burleigh Beach.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Tadpoles

Since I am a frog.. it would make sense to call my 2 growing buns the in the oven... tadpoles... tho i don't think that tadpoles like being in ovens...

They have been steadily growing... and squirming around the limited space in my womb. Tell you what.. i actually feel like my body has been invaded by aliens. They move around and push here and there.. constantly reminding me of their presence. It's a good thing... them moving around.. but the feeling is quite out of this world... either like you have constant diarrhoea or u swallowed a live fish and it is swimming inside you. Queer Queer!

I have been reading about twins coming out earlier.. normally they come out about 3 weeks earlier. However.. some unfortunate cases in KL- one came out 2 months earlier.... at 32 weeks and the other I read about today came out at 31 weeks.. gosh I am almost at 27 weeks.. yicks! That is like another 4 weeks.

I plan to take photos of my growing bump at 31 weeks.. since this may be my only pregnancy... according to hubby. I am getting my friend Fiona to come over to my home to take shots of me in March. I hope it will turn out good. Hmm.. the bump is quite large... I think I look like a 7 month-er according to my sister. Fiona insisted that I take the photos as late as possible so that the bump will look 'nice and huge'... hopefully without stretch marks.

Ah! Tadpoles... u won't be swimming around for much longer.... but Mummy hopes that you will stay as long as possible and that you will not need me to go for caesarean.

Writing of caesarean,... i have not had a good experience with my gynaes.. the first one whom i liked got transfered to JB, then I had a doctor that spoke like Donald Duck twice in a row... then I switched to another which told me that he is not keen on natural birth and that I won't have enough milk to breastfeed my twins... would you believe that nasty doctor!! Or am i being too judgemental??

I decided that I will seek a 2nd opinion. Going to Damansara Specialist Hospital to visit my original gynae that told me to keep trying for a baby naturally (as mentioned in my earlier post). Hope the meeting will turn out good!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday, February 03, 2008

My graduation

Marido and I graduated on the 26th Jan (Australia day) in our beautiful Nottingham University Campus in Semenyih. Whoohoo! It was really lovely that we could celebrate this momentous occasion together... another memory we are making!

The ceremony kinda reminded me of something out of Harry Potter..;)

Buying prams

Sheesh! I did not realise that it was so hard to choose a pram. Here were my options :

Brand, Model, Price, Includes, Weight
Peg Perego, Pliko P3, RM2299, pram plus car seat carrier, 8kgs without car carrier
Maclaren, Techno XLR, RM1799, pram only, 7.8kgs without car carrier
Combi, 5 way stroller, RM2299 , pram plus car seat carrier, 4.2kg without car carrier

All the strollers/prams could recline about 170 degrees (not fully but good enough. I was really in favour of the lightweight Combi (Japanese) strollers but Marido found that he had to hunch down to push the pram and he kept on kicking it too. I was also keen on the Maclaren but after bringing my sister along, she noticed that the padding on the Maclaren was too thin and not suitable for newborns which needed more comfortable surroundings. So, I got the P3 in the end. Heavy but let's hope it will be useful and hardy for travelling.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Weight and waistline

1st month - 50kgs and about 26 inches in waist
2nd month - 48kgs and about 25 inches in waist
3rd month - 45 kgs and about 27 inches in waist
4th month - 50kgs and about ????
5th month - 53kgs and about ????
5 1/2 month -55kgs and about 34 inches in waist
6th month - 56 kgs and about 38 inches in waist (yicks!)
7th months - not yet