Monday, October 31, 2005

Birthday bashes

On the 18th October, I was moping around in my room wondering if I had any friends left. It was my birthday after all and I had not received any phone call to wish me happy birthday. In fact I had to point it out to Marido. Cis! I was wondering why no one wrote me any email too. I was sitting down and wondering if I had been a recluse lately. Well I certainly was not exactly sociable this past few months since I started studying.

After returning from class, I noticed that my email was flooded with lovely wishes from all my old pals from school (they are not all here in Malaysia). That was nice.

Then on Friday, my cell group were going to celebrate my birthday with a cake however I did not finish a meeting with Nestle until 9.30pm and therefore was quite reluctant to take the taxi out to Ara Damansara (had no car cos Marido took it instead). At 10.30pm, they called and sang the birthday song to me over the phone.

On Sat, my 3 girl friends- WL, Debz and Golden Moon took me out for a meal in COncorde hotel Xin restaurant only to discover that it was fully booked by a bridal party. We landed in The Bodhi tree instead - western food was quite good but the dessert was like 3 days old! The blue cheese pasta was most interesting.

But what crowned the birthday occasion was dinner at Snowie's place. Spot and Snowie slaved over the afternoon (of course FS helped too) to prepare me the most exquisite Spanish meal. We had gazpacho served in cool cucumber cups, portobello mushrooms topped with parsley and other herbs (licking my lips), chicken wrapped in lettuce and doused with special sauce and sumptious seafood paella. For dessert I think it's called creme brulee. And the lovely orange spiced cake that was so cute and tasted great! I had missed eating spanish food and it was really a lovely treat. To think that my friend cared enough to do this for me... I am blessed.

Marido promised me that he would take me out this weekend for a treat... here's looking to spending the beginning of my 31st year with glee!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

MBA Woes

To all the fellow MBA who told me that MBA was easy.. are you nuts?? How can it possibly be. I am only in my 2nd week of class and my knees have started to knock. This is what I typically do in a day :
1) Read - 2 hours
2) Travel - 2.5 hours
3) Attend lecture - 6 hours
4) Discussion - 1 hour
5) Assigment - 0.5 hour
5) Eat (3 meals) -1.5 hours

Maybe it does not look hard but for me.... this is scary... cos it's only the 2nd week!!

To top that, my classmates are totally smart people who can talk the behind off a horse! I am not kidding you.. the last presentation, one of the girls had to be stopped by the lecturer for exceeding the time limit. And they all read the required text before the class commences. And when we cover a particular topic, you need to read at least from 2 books and it's not just one chapter... sometimes it ranges 5 chaps. When do I have time for all this? I must relax... or my pimples which I have been trying really hard to keep them down will flare up again.

Go.. I need to go to the toilet to relax... but am going to read my Market Based Management book while I am on the throne.. maybe I get some ideas ;)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Distilled Water anyone?

Sud I buy a Monark? A Rain Maker? Or Nu Life?

WHy distilled water?

"Tap water today is like chemical soup...

Distilled water is active-- It is the universal solvent. Clean water helps the kidneys function optimally by removing poisons from the body, increasing metabolism and cleansing all of the body.

Distilled water is chemical and mineral free. If distillation does not remove it-- nothing will.

Water carries only inorganic minerals-- now linked to many long term health problems.
Organic minerals are the only minerals the human body can use. These minerals are provided to the body in the foods we eat. Water only carries inorganic minerals which cause more harm than good to the human body.

Chlorine (a poison) is the main purification method used in municipal water systems. Recent studies link chlorine to colon and rectal cancer.
"Cancer risk among the people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine." from the Council for Environmental Quality.
An EPA official has pronounced bottled water as the "Real Russian Roulette" with cleanliness of bottles and the processes as the biggest problem.
"In one recent EPA check of 25 bottling plants, serious problems with cleanliness was found at every one." from 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, Andrew Weil, M.D., 1997

Man is adding more than 500 new chemicals to the environment each and every year. Nature purifies water by distillation (hydrology) but with so many unknown chemicals in the environment this process is no longer effective.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Need for a new foot!

I have had pronated feet all my life. Meaning.. where there are supposed to be arches in the sole of my feet, there aren't. Kinda like flat feet. Fortunately, it is not as bad as the really bad cases like my BIL (bro in law) where his students teased him cos he walks like a duck.

I had my feet checked by the pakar tapak kaki (podiatrist) in Twin Tower Medical Centre (gosh! Did not know that there was a doctor there) Mr Brendan Bergin who hails from Brisbane Australia.

I started feeling some pain during my month long trip to Europe.. all that walking. I thought it was normal pain but the pain was at my supposed arches. So I checked with Brendan and yup.. if I want to prevent further damage to my tendons and prevent further internal scarring that leads to inelastic tendons later... I needed to have orthodics done.

So I had my feet in plaster of paris for the shape to be sent to Melbourne and will be getting my 'new feet' in a month. As long as I wear the orthodics about 50-60% of time, I sud be fine.

Thank God.. I detected this earlier and not when my feet have been 'damaged' irreversably.