Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Psst.. is your husband home?

The phone rang and called out to me saying "Gray calling!" My phone actually talks!

Me : Hello there!
Gray : Yes its me. I have been dying to talk to you the last few days but I had to make sure
that the coast was clear. This is a good time, right?
Me : No worries, he is at the office and he will be back late tonight.. very late.
Gray : Good! So when is he going away again...?
Me : This time, when he goes away, he is bringing me along.
Gray : For how many days.. ?
Me : 10 days
Gray : How am I going to survive not talking to you for 10 freaking days?
Me : Don't worry, I will email you and maybe skype. He won't know.. he does not check. He got suspicious once when you kept ringing me at night... but that's ok now.
Gray : What about his next trip away?
Me : Well, when we come back.. he will be very busy that weekend. Why don't you come up? I'll bet he will never realise that I disappeared for whole day.
Gray : Good, I will be there. I'll sms before I arrive. You know, I really can't wait to see you. It's been too long, way too long.
Me : At least I know that you are "fond" of me!
Gray : You got to be kidding... if you did not know that by now... u seriously need a knock on the head.. Have i not told you that your emails are what I look forward to all day? Hmm..I gotta go.. got some stuff to handle. I hate to end this call but *groan! Duty calls... I WILL talk to you later! Bye! *Click*

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If Nimbus could speak....

I would like to think that I brought more joy to my 'owners' than they bring to me.... When they return home, I just meow a greeting or a scolding if they are late... then yawn and stretch. They however, start to meow in loud voices and click their tongues and toss me in the air, much to my horror and their immense delight. They definitely got the better deal than I did!

Nimbus Hong Kim Kat

Wife = Cat

My wife is like a cat. If you've tried herding cats, you will know what I mean.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Stories about my MIL

I was chatting to my MIL yesterday about stuff. I normally speak to her about once a month... not the typical dutiful DIL but I think that once a month is fine! Anyway, yesterday, I was telling her about being offered a job as a marketing manager for MNC ............ (it was only verbal hence I do not want to state here until it is confirmed). She was of course saying "Oh! How wonderful.. all the hard work paid off". And suddenly she started talking about her ex-DIL (aka Marido's ex-wife). She was raving that ex-DIL was doing so well in her job... managing to pick up the pieces after all that has happened... how the people in her company all liked her... and you know, stuff like that. After a while, I felt strange... was would my MIL talk about someone I clearly would prefer not to know about, in such glowing words. Hello!! I was talking about me in the first place. Why bring her up? I got this feeling that ex-DIL was more of a DIL to her than I am. Sigh!

Sometimes I wonder if MIL secretly wants Marido to go back to her! After all, I don't have a kid and 'things' aren't complicated yet? I just don't like to be compared to her! I feel a tinge of something green crawling over my heart.... I wonder if I am not 'big-hearted' enough for this.

It is during moments like this that I prefer not to talk too often with MIL. Just in case, my temper get the better of me.