Thursday, January 10, 2008

Driving to work

I have started driving to work starting Jan.

Surprisingly, it was not as hard as I thought. Altho I do have doubts about the sudden cramps in the legs that I get and therefore I might crash the car…. But generally, the drive (half hour to and one hour back) is still manageable. However, I never had to go through one hour drive back in my previous job (sob! It was only 10 mins). Traffic in PJ/KL is bad….

Work! There are 2 obvious camps. When I am with one…. The other get suspicious and when I with the other, the first one wonders if they sud be telling me things in case I report it to the 2nd. Sigh! What a disunited group! Never had this problem before.

Marido has been away for the whole week. I was actually quite apprehensive about him going off and leaving me behind cos I tend to feel a little ill after work and may need to be ferried around for food. Fortunately, this week was great. I managed to have dinner with good friends and with great food! What a treat! I tried this organic shop called Organic Café at Bangunan Siti Hasmah at Tmn Tun near Kiara walk. Pretty good.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Greeting the new year

I woke up on New Year's Day and proceeded to eat a piece of fruit cake from the fridge. Festive mah! Then half an hour later, I was found throwing up in the toilet. That ruined the rest of the day for me… I was feeling lousy all day. What a great way to start the year. Imagine.. at 20 weeks pregnant, I was still throwing up. 2 days later, after lunch with my colleagues (I am not sure whether it was the warm temperature at the hawker shop or the oily char kuey teow or the ‘juicy’ piece of information I found out about my boss) I promptly threw up everything down the toilet bowl in the office. Then I proceeded to throw up whatever water I tried to drink. By 6pm, I was ready to faint. What a day.

Also, while in meetings, when the room is stuffy, I find myself drifting away… It never used to be this way. I must be psycho for starting a new job when I am pregnant. But I am still very very blessed to be able to get the job. So I shall persevere. And.. ooh! I just found out that I am going to handle a new promising project.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gaining weight

On the recent visit to the gynae on the 2nd Jan (on my 20 week), I noticed that my weight was about 52kgs... which mean that from the 4th month onward (ie when I started work), i gained one kg a week... wowee! If this keeps up, by the time i reach 40 weeks, i wud have gained another 20kgs thus being 72kg... totally unacceptable!

I doubt that i will last until week 40. Very likely I deliver before week 37 (since I am having twins and hence there is not much space for them anymore).

The 20 week scan took one hour by the sonographer. Babies look fine and healthy as detailed by the expert. Also, I found out that that they are hamburgers... (not hotdogs). Yup! 2 girls. I do feel that my mission seems not completed without a boy. After all, Marido already has a girl so these 2 girls don't seem that special anymore. Sigh! I sud be happy though but I can't help feeling a little disappointed.