Friday, November 17, 2006

Being in relationship with AA

AA: Welcome to American Airlines. Please tell me your flight no
Me: AA1067
AA: Now tell me the date on which that flight departs
Me: 24th November
AA: Do you wish to reconfirm an existing flight, book a new one or make changes to an existing flight?
Me: Make changes
AA: Please tell me your assigned number? If you do not know it, pls say I don't know
Me: I don't know
AA: You are on flight AA1067, scheduled to depart on Friday 24th November, is that correct?
Me: Yup!
AA: I am sorry but I did not get that. Please say yes or no
Me: Yes (duh!)

It's amazing that that whole conversation was with a machine... not a real human. I am so impressed! But it was slow and tedious when I had to do that all over again to actually make my changes to the flight.