Friday, October 13, 2006

Oops! I forgot my wedding anniversary

Yesterday, at about 3pm, Marido 'im'ed me to wish me Happy Anniversary. I was so surprised. One- becos I had completely forgotten about it and two - Gosh! It has been 3 years since we walked down the aisle to a lifetime together.

Marido then invited me to dinner at 7pm at the Le Meridien. So I got dressed up and all that to meet him at KL Sentral at 7pm. Upon sighting him, he gave a rueful grin and indicated at his daggy clothes. Yicks! He was dressed in a scruffy t-shirt and and.. i looked like a vietnamese in my ao yai/dai. We had a great meal at "Prime" - a steakhouse in the hotel. But we also brought back 6 oz of beef steak as I could hardly finish my meal. (remind me to share the meal with someone the next time!!)

3 years of marriage - wow! I feel really blessed to have walked that journey with him. Cheers! Here's to a lifetime together .... of creating memories and sharing the experience.

And oh! I am really glad that I am the one forgetting the date rather than him. ;)


Kiutkiut said...

it's nice for him to remember. Glad to hear it went well.

CL & i forgotten ours on last month. It was 2 weeks later that we both realised abt it. Both kids were having fever at that time.

anyway, remembered the day you walked the aisle....just delivered ash and was super fat!!!

Biow said...

happy belated anniversary.. :P

Biow said...

Happy Birthday, Ame!

Mia said...

ooh! Thanks for the wishes.

Kiut - eh! U guys are worse that me. Well, as long as you both are ok with it. It is just a date. Glad you came for the wedding even though you just gave birth

Biow - thanks for coming with the screaming boy...;) He's not screamy anymore- in fact, such a charmer...