Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Psst.. is your husband home?

The phone rang and called out to me saying "Gray calling!" My phone actually talks!

Me : Hello there!
Gray : Yes its me. I have been dying to talk to you the last few days but I had to make sure
that the coast was clear. This is a good time, right?
Me : No worries, he is at the office and he will be back late tonight.. very late.
Gray : Good! So when is he going away again...?
Me : This time, when he goes away, he is bringing me along.
Gray : For how many days.. ?
Me : 10 days
Gray : How am I going to survive not talking to you for 10 freaking days?
Me : Don't worry, I will email you and maybe skype. He won't know.. he does not check. He got suspicious once when you kept ringing me at night... but that's ok now.
Gray : What about his next trip away?
Me : Well, when we come back.. he will be very busy that weekend. Why don't you come up? I'll bet he will never realise that I disappeared for whole day.
Gray : Good, I will be there. I'll sms before I arrive. You know, I really can't wait to see you. It's been too long, way too long.
Me : At least I know that you are "fond" of me!
Gray : You got to be kidding... if you did not know that by now... u seriously need a knock on the head.. Have i not told you that your emails are what I look forward to all day? Hmm..I gotta go.. got some stuff to handle. I hate to end this call but *groan! Duty calls... I WILL talk to you later! Bye! *Click*


Anonymous said...

Your husband must be a nut not to suspect our affair by now. Your hp yells my name, you send me mails from HIS office,... even from HIS laptop while you're on holiday with HIM & now this!

Then again, like they say, "the most obvious places are the safest places to hide", eh?... muahaha... ;]


Spot said...

Just waiting to see how this seemingly scandalous revelation turns out to potong stim for us observers.

Anonymous said...

Potong stim, Spot? The fire has just begun. muahahaha...

Spot me if you can. Here's a clue:

Spot the difference.
1. best friend
2. worst enemy


Mia said...

good grief... this sounds like it's getting out of hand. When 2 of my friends read this, one wrote a personal mail and the other smsed me with concern.

anyway.. he is asleep now and I am sneaking this... *giggles

Spot said...

Ame - Of course you'd get concerned responses. What else would one expect with such an overtly scandalous post?

Which is why it leads me to believe that the reality is not as salacious as it's being presented to be. :)

However, IF the literal is true...then, actually, I'm not at all surprised either.

Gray - Thanks, but I'll pass.

Mia said...

Dear Spot,

What do you mean that if it was true.. u won't be surprised either? I suppose all things are possible.. the good and the bad.

Spot said...

The literal meaning...as in having a strong emotional connection with someone else other than your husband.

No, I would not be surprised if you did have such a connection, mainly because, from what you tell us, you don't really have a problem with the concept, simply because it's not the kind of relationship you consider as an affair in the conventional sense.

Unlike the scandalised people who have privately contacted you! And probably a huge chunk of the rest of the world.

That's me giving you benefit of doubt lah. But seriously, if this Gray thing is actually an affair (his/hers/its own words, not mine), it would be really rather silly to post it here!

Hence...it cannot be. To you, anyway. :)

Mia said...

Ah... u know me too well. Must be all the chats we used to do in the middle of the nights or mornings I sud say when we were younger.

And yes, I do have other connections that is important to me. I somehow cannot live with just the husband... one husband cannot fulfill the many different roles I need in my life! Thank goodness he understands that!

Anonymous said...

Hmm,... how did something that was meant to be fun turn out so serious?