Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have nicknamed my twin 1 as Cookie and Twin 2 as Eggy. Reason : Cookie makes a noise like a kookaburra and Eggy simply looks like an egg!

Eggy has been crying inconsolably for the last 2 weeks and it has wreaked havoc on my sleep pattern and my own well being (not to mention poor Eggy's too). I took note on all her behaviour and checked with my book and it all points to 'reflux'. I took her to the local paed who told me to change my milk formula to something thicker (hello.. I am breastfeeding).. then she told me to put cereal in the milk (hey bodoh! My anak is only 1.5 months old). As you can tell, I gave up on that paed.

I then took her to the paed who tended to her when she was born. He agreed that it was reflux and prescribed Losec Mups. He was writing down in his sheet "Once a day" and then Eggy threw up in my arms.... "Make that twice a day".

At first the medication worked well, Eggy was still throwing up but no longer crying like she was dying. But after one week, she started crying inconsolably again. Took her back... this time she was pumped with Zantac and also Colimix (which, btw is not supposed to be taken by infants less than 6 months.. sigh).

After the 3 drugs, she proceeded to sleep for the next 2 days.. with her body all floppy and only waking up to feed. Today is her 3rd day and I had reduced the medication to only Losec Mups and Zantac. And tomorrow I shall only feed her with Zantac. Both these medicines are acid inhibitors - meaning they reduced the production of acid in the stomach. None that really solves the problem of the weak spincter (the valve that prevents food from coming back up from the stomach).

However, the doctor says that the problem should go away in about 2 month. I hope so... cos Marido has the same problem but he is controlling it by eating Probiotics and exercising.

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Spot said...


My bloating problem already makes me, a full grown adult, uncomfortable, can't imagine how distressing it must be for babies.

Poor Eggy...hope she is better now and that they're settling into the sitter routine.

Btw, forgot to put some form of identification on our gift, so in case you're wondering who gave you the matching Winnie The Pooh bajus, it was us. :)