Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Beef Curry and Pork Bacon

In a hotel restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a couple on holidays was scanning the breakfast menu. "Here darling.. bacon and eggs are on no 4"... said the wife.

"Ho ho.. bacon.. yummy.. er but why is it beef bacon?" wondered the husband. "Waiter... can I get some pork bacon instead?"

The waiter looked a bit flustered "Sir, this is a halal restaurant.. we don't serve pork."

"Oh I see.." The man replied but clearly from his facial expression, he did not understand the situation at all. When the beef bacon arrived, and the man was trying to bite into the stringy piece of meet, he grumbled "What type of restaurant is this that does not serve pork!!?"

Later in the night, they were seated in a lovely Indian restaurant with pictures of Shah Rukh Khan and other Bollywood actors (which incidentally held no meaning for them although they loved Indian food). "Where is the beef curry?" demanded the husband to the waiter.

The waiter must have rolled his eyes under his closed lids before opening them and stiffly said "Sir, we don't serve beef in this establishment" God forbid.. cows are sacred in our culture!

"But but" sputtered the man indignantly "we have beef curry in Indian restaurants in our country!" The waiter patiently said "That may be true Sir but here, we don't serve beef on our menu" .. "May I suggest a Chicken Vindaloo instead?"

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Chris Birrell said...

Another version of your story...

... oh no pork. The man thought to himself. He had been to Malaysia before and he knew how brutally hot it was. Being a fatty animal maybe the pigs just cannot take it.

... oh no beef curry. The man pondered his breakfast. But at breakfast I had beef. Must have been imported ... imported dried beef. Beef steak suitable for a curry must not be available. His mind recalled the haggard looking cow he had seen on the way from the airport.

Later that night he was laying in bed, pondering his culinary experiences of the day. He suddenly had a new found respect for the chicken - hardy little creatures.