Thursday, November 26, 2009


A few friends gathered over a sumptuous Japanese dinner at Iketeru, Hilton. The reason for the dinner was to kind of have a hen's night for the bride to be.. altho i have to say that the hen's night was a bit too tame...;) Maybe its becos we all have hit the middle age line this year and hence not too keen to do anymore of the 'fun' stuff.

It brings to mind my own wedding 6 years ago at The Mines Beach Resort. It seems such an ethereal time. With the white frothy wedding gown dotted with blue flowers (i had always wanted some blue on my wedding gown), bouncy curls on the head, a gathering of beloved friends and family... it was such a special moment. I think it was very special because I made my vows to God in front of the people whom I cared about (altho I no longer speak to half of the guest invited due to one reason or another). It really was such a sacred moment. To walk down the aisle towards the man that you love and whom you know reciprocate that 'verb' towards you. To forever be joined in spirit with this one person who also pledged to walk the journey with you. It was such a comfort, a homecoming of sorts... this wedding which is the start of a marriage. What a wonder it was.. these moments which i like to think about as it brings a smile to my face.

Here's to you my friend who is going to begin this new journey together with her man. Its downright scary but heck! I'll cheer you on!


Biow said...

any pictures? :P

Mia said...

er.. no wor.. i dun think anyone took any pictures on that day

Anonymous said...

Hi Ame...just saw this today (1st Mar '10).

Didnt know u still blog!

Yes, continue to cheer me on...thanks for all the cheers so far ...has been very effective to-date :)

Me, your Friend