Friday, October 07, 2005

Need for a new foot!

I have had pronated feet all my life. Meaning.. where there are supposed to be arches in the sole of my feet, there aren't. Kinda like flat feet. Fortunately, it is not as bad as the really bad cases like my BIL (bro in law) where his students teased him cos he walks like a duck.

I had my feet checked by the pakar tapak kaki (podiatrist) in Twin Tower Medical Centre (gosh! Did not know that there was a doctor there) Mr Brendan Bergin who hails from Brisbane Australia.

I started feeling some pain during my month long trip to Europe.. all that walking. I thought it was normal pain but the pain was at my supposed arches. So I checked with Brendan and yup.. if I want to prevent further damage to my tendons and prevent further internal scarring that leads to inelastic tendons later... I needed to have orthodics done.

So I had my feet in plaster of paris for the shape to be sent to Melbourne and will be getting my 'new feet' in a month. As long as I wear the orthodics about 50-60% of time, I sud be fine.

Thank God.. I detected this earlier and not when my feet have been 'damaged' irreversably.

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