Thursday, October 13, 2005

MBA Woes

To all the fellow MBA who told me that MBA was easy.. are you nuts?? How can it possibly be. I am only in my 2nd week of class and my knees have started to knock. This is what I typically do in a day :
1) Read - 2 hours
2) Travel - 2.5 hours
3) Attend lecture - 6 hours
4) Discussion - 1 hour
5) Assigment - 0.5 hour
5) Eat (3 meals) -1.5 hours

Maybe it does not look hard but for me.... this is scary... cos it's only the 2nd week!!

To top that, my classmates are totally smart people who can talk the behind off a horse! I am not kidding you.. the last presentation, one of the girls had to be stopped by the lecturer for exceeding the time limit. And they all read the required text before the class commences. And when we cover a particular topic, you need to read at least from 2 books and it's not just one chapter... sometimes it ranges 5 chaps. When do I have time for all this? I must relax... or my pimples which I have been trying really hard to keep them down will flare up again.

Go.. I need to go to the toilet to relax... but am going to read my Market Based Management book while I am on the throne.. maybe I get some ideas ;)

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