Monday, June 26, 2006

Japan- top 3 things

What really impressed me about Japan:
1) The toilet seats that are warmed up so that your bum will not be freezing when the weather is cold... the water that comes out to wash either your bottom regions... so very thoughtful of the Japanese
2) The smiling and bowing people that repeatedly say nice things (thank you, excuse me, sorry, and hello)
3) The beautifully decorated women who look like they are off to a dinner or dance.... gorgeous! And the beautiful men... I am not kidding... they look almost pretty... slim, fair and lovely....sometimes I could not tell the men and women apart.


Anonymous said...

I work for a Japanese bank in New York City. They're not so lovely when you have to endure their stilted and stifling culture day in and day out. They can't make decisions, take responsibility for nothing, are accountable for nothing, are afraid of making mistakes and will standby and watch you choke to death on a fish bone for fear they'll be criticized if they intervene and you don't survive.
Other than all of that, they sure are polite.

Mia said...

Thanks for the comment.

I guess that if you are an American, then the culture of the Japanese people would stifle you. Its such a world of difference. Coming from an asian culture myself, I understand how it is for the Japanese... I can imagine how they can find the Americans to be too open, loud and brash. How Americans make decisions without consulting their superiors (taking things into their own hands), how they speak their own minds and care nothing for the feelings of others. In short, both these cultures do not understand each other, what is seem by one culture as a virtue, is seen as a vice in the other and vice versa.