Friday, June 30, 2006

Japanese Gardens

I visited so many gardens that I lost track of which ones they are. I think this is Shoyo-en in Kamakura. Kamakura an hour south of Tokyo by subway.

To-shugu in Kamakura

These are called Ajisai... they are plentiful in Japan in summer (and they adorned vases in restaurants) and look great as a wedding bouquet but I don't think that they last long

Heian Jingu, Kyoto (3 hour ride west by Shinkansen- bullet train from Tokyo)

Too bad... no little froggies but plenty of huge carps

Managed to go really close without scaring the little blue dragonfly


Anonymous said...

phew, my goodness... the gardens are really beeyoootifoool!


Mia said...

Yeah... I agree... it's very peaceful there but there not enough seats for people to enjoy the gardens in contemplation

Spot said...

Love the first picture.
It's almost schizophrenic isn't it, how Japan has such a Jekyl and Hyde character. Or maybe the modernity and bizarreness is superficial and the real inner core is more akin to these gardens? Dunno.

Mia said...

Yes.. must agree with Spot.. Japan is really a world of extremes... I think that the Japanese never really let you get close to them wor... too much face to keep/uphold.. but that reminds me in a way of the Asian culture too...