Friday, March 23, 2007

DK Cafe and DK Company

It's was a lovely meeting place for us.. the ex- DK company peeps meeting at the DK cafe. It has been more than a year since we all left the company. I looked at them all across the table laden with yummy food and whispered a thankful prayer that for now, everyone had found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Our ex-boss (Little Mama) looked great.... altho she lost a lot of weight, it was not because of work stress and I can see that she was happier at the current position as Grp Dev Manager. And her new assistant Y (also an ex-colleague), who had had a tumultous time in her last 2 jobs before returning to be under her wing again, was beaming as it was just confirmed that she would be assisting Little Mama.

Tigerlily was doing well in her position with a good brand and a great new hairdo- and her eyes was shining with some unexplained joy. The only Dr in our midst promised us to bring a bottle of her product for our usage... much to our 'delight' in using such an 'intimate' product. Dr J looked a little peeved at the end of the dinner cos we teased her so much but it was all in jest and fun.

G was bright and smiling when she came to join us at the table. The job has been kind to her allowing her to fulfill one dream of hers- finishing up her house renovations! Fairlady was a vision even in her bizarre green army clothes. I think that her job suits her personality...she now gets to meet exciting people in her new job.

Soup was quiet as usual but she looks happy that night. I did not manage to find out if she enjoyed her job but since she recently got married and she is of such a lovely nature, I am sure that her marriage is a good one. The only man in our group was leaving a less than luster job to return to his marketing roots and he was thriving in a relationship.

Me? I... er..I have a new job which although is not at all what I imagined I would be doing... ie consulting.. but it really pays the bills, I have an interesting dissertation going on and I have a cat who obviously is besotted with me... ah yes! and of course, a delightful husband.

It is clear... that for now... we have found our pot of gold.

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