Saturday, March 24, 2007

Speech at My Wedding

I was clearing my stuff (a lot still in brown boxes and yet unpacked) which I had not cleared from moving house. I found a slip of paper tucked away in a rattan box with all of my knick-knacks. It said Speech at Wedding. Ooh... it was the speech that I made during my wedding abt 3 years ago. Reading it caused my tear glands to squeeze out some water.

I stand here today, in this momentous time of my life, having this privilege to address my parents who have made an impact in my life.

For my dear deceased mother- she passed away when I was 17. I felt that I have lost her somewhat in her 10 year long battle with scleroderma. But I remember her. I remembered the pain that she had to go thru fighting the illness. I remembered her faith in God that did not waver even to the end. Her advice to me- one about living my life daring to try things that she never had the guts to. I also remembered one funny aspiration she had for me- to marry a nice man from a distant land and to take her away to a cold country so that she will no longer feel hot in sunny Malaysia. I guess, in some way, I will be fulfilling her dream today.

To my current mother - thank you for making my father such a contented man. I will take the good I see in the relationship both of you have into my relationship with my husband.

To my father- I cannot start to say how wonderful you are. I have watched you closely in the time that I grew up and I want to say that I admire your principles in life. Being your daughter was my privilege. To be able to grow up being equally loved, fairly treated, talked to with respect and honour is something that not many daughters are able to receive. But I did. *Pause* I remembered the incident when I was a young and rash graduate and made a huge mistake (causing you significant damage) but all you did was calming look at me and said "we all make mistakes, girl... and we need to learn to get up and move on." And so, you have given me the greatest legacy- because of you, I can see how God is as a Father, one who is firm but kind, ready to forgive and who loves me regardless of who I am or what I have done in my life. Thank you for everything Pa.


biow said...

*sob*.. such a nice speech

nanabirrell said...
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Mia said...

thanks .. but i think that speech made the Executive Director of my ex-company so uncomfortable that he decided to not give me an angpow!!??