Monday, May 21, 2007

Am I infertile?

This seems such a weird topic to be writing about. I wrote a piece much earlier.. maybe 2 years earlier that "perhaps the decision then to have children is not from the fact that I SHOULD or WANT to but because I CAN".... and funnily... now I can't.

So in the quest of getting a child, I spent the first month having a miscarriage, the next three months feeling weird, the subsequent 6 months wondering if my husband will be around for us to try to have a kid and in the following 4 months watching in dismay as the trickle of fresh blood appears faithfully after each month.

I wonder what is wrong? Ok..ok..maybe I am getting paranoid... it's normal to have a kid in one year... but er.. it has been one month after the normal one year... or seriously.. am I too impatient? 2 good friends assured me that I should be a little worried and should start finding out why I can't seem to conceive.

There are a few questions that I have yet to answer... and I think that it is important to do so.
1. Ovulation problems: Do I ovulate regularly? – I dunno
2. Sperm problems: Is his sperm count OK? - I dunno either
3. Fallopian tube problems: Are my tubes open? – Was this even on my radar?

The strange thing is that my gynaecologist (Dr G - a famous one in Damansara Specialist Centre) is not even worried. He just ask me to do a pap smear and a HPV test to check for cervical cancer causing virus .. and the results were fine!! He just told me to come back again next year... what a doc????

This Friday, I will go for a second opinion with Dr Fatima, a gynae in Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. Hopefully she will be able to give me some idea as to the questions above.

Well,... at least I am taking some more action.


Spot said...

I juuust (ok, not quite, was yesterday) wrote you an email about this topic yesterday. Wonder if you got it (my server was wonky yesterday, some mails have disappeared into limbo).

Boy, do I remember that sentence from 2 years ago. :)

Good on you for being proactive. Come back after a year? I think not.

Mia said...

Hey! I got your mail and even replied.. did my mail to you go to limbo too!

Got the news from other gynae. Will post that later...

Spot said...

yup, think your mail did go a-limbo. never got it.

Biow said...

heh.. i hv to hunt down ur that posting..

one can menstruate without ovulation..

i'm not sure how to increase ovulation though.. i hv a fren who only ovulate like 3x a year.. need to catch that ovulation period.. she managed to hv 3 kids..

baby dust to u..

Mia said...

Hi Biow,

Hhmmm I only know that I ovulated only once this year... this month still no results yet.

In the end, I think I may end up visiting a fertility expert if I don't ovulate this month also...