Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another little boy

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I guess that when one is trying to get pregnant, one becomes more acutely aware of pregnant women or of people giving birth (now which philosopher said that??) Well, little Andrew is part of this world now and there are 2 baby Andrews in my life (dang! I really liked that name... looks like I can't name my future son Andrew after all).

Online greetings to both the parents... you are blessed!

On a more serious and weird note, I want to visit this kid and his parents but but the strange thing is that the father of the kid is my ex-bf... and I dunno how his wife will feel about it. And why do I want to visit the kid.. well, other than the fact that my old friends (whom are not close anymore due to our breakup a long time ago) whose friendship I am keen to renew are all going too. Also, I feel a little masochistic.. I want to see the child and then feel that strange feeling of "that could have been mine...." Not sure if this is good for my psyche.

Well,... maybe that would spur me to get a move on ....


Anonymous said...

Gee. Suddenly your blogging has become more interesting. FB.

Mia said...

huh? Has it always been boring?? Now maybe I sud visit the ex-bf and see how I can torture the wife and the kid.. how's that for making things interesting??