Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Watching Harry Potter 5 with Harry

This is my Malaysian Harry Potter. I dragged him to watch HP5. As expected, he yawned and stretched like a cat during the show. I had warned him that it would be boring for a non Potterhead. I was of course riveted by the show.

I had wanted him to don the same expression as Daniel Radcliffe in the poster but he refused! Too bad he was wearing an orange shirt!! If he had worned a blue shirt and the right expression as well as relaxing his spiky hair, I think that he would really look like the poster. I showed this pic to 2 social workers friends of mine and they were amazed at the likeness. Do you think they look alike?


Goat said...

His name also Harry? Hmmm, honestly, I dun think he looks like Daniel leh...

Mia said...

no meh... ai! So sad! He is damn cute tho! I like looking at his face. Good thing he got no girlfriend..after she freak out if she finds out! Fortunately for me.. Chris thinks that I treat him like Nimbus!!

Yup.. I named him Harry.. much to his parent's dismay!! Who would want a name that sounds close to being crude!