Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Dream Church

Last Sunday 2nd September 2007, I celebrated the opening and dedication of a very significant spiritual place in my life. My church DUMC (Damansara Utama Methodist Church) had just moved to a new facility and it's called the Dream Center. The tagline “Where dreams come alive!”.. where shattered dreams have a chance to live again. I have never seen so many people in DUMC in one service before. 4,000 people! It was awesome - as the Americans would say!.

A comment from one of our church members Coolcat is her nickname– "The worship and celebration were amazing. I'd felt like I'm in one of those Singaporean mega churches except that I have actually been in this church for the past 5 years. I actually know most of the people on the frontlines. I do feel very much at home in the church. Also, I was there during the church's 25th anniversary dinner where Senior Pastor Daniel Ho first announced the blue print for Dream Center. And two years later, the Dream Center came into being. I looked around me and could hardly believe that all these has come to pass in such a short time."

Our auditorium in Dream Centre (Hall 1) can seat 3000 people. You know, the Music and Worship Ministry Team (that’s my team) had to sit on the floor and the staircase.. there was just so many people. We were so excited about the people’s turn out. What a great blessing to be able to be part of a large church. I believe in days to come, DUMC will be a force to be reckoned with… something that is a good thing in our increasingly Islamic country.

I joined the choir about 2 months back. So try to find me in the pix. Give up?

I am the 2nd from the right.. actually you cannot really see me.. my hair is chopped off but you can see my pearl belt against the black pants (no one else was wearing a belt). Well that’s me. I was supposed to be 2nd row.. in which case, the photo would have been useless but I was moved to the front and so there you go- a picture of me with top part of my head lopped off. How cool is that!!

Well.. it was exhausting practising for the choir,… we spent 17 hours just last week in preparation. It was incredible the amount of work is needed for a 3 hour production! We had to do sound check, lighting check, order of events, flow of people, traffic. But it was exhilarating. I am glad to be part of this!


Anonymous said...

I thought you were Pentecostal.
It's nice to hear about expanding churches in Malaysia. Christianity is a dying religion in the UK.


Mia said...

i am pentecostal. DUMC is an outstandingly different type of Methodist church.

Yes.. there has been prophesy that the gospel will keep going west until it hits Israel once more... so now the revival is crashing on the shores of Korea and China. Soon to Malaysia.. and onwards to west again.

Europe has been blessed by the gospel the last 2 centuries.. and now they have rejected it much as Israel had. Well, if they don't want it... let the other nations benefit from the favour and blessing of God when nations turn to him!