Thursday, January 10, 2008

Driving to work

I have started driving to work starting Jan.

Surprisingly, it was not as hard as I thought. Altho I do have doubts about the sudden cramps in the legs that I get and therefore I might crash the car…. But generally, the drive (half hour to and one hour back) is still manageable. However, I never had to go through one hour drive back in my previous job (sob! It was only 10 mins). Traffic in PJ/KL is bad….

Work! There are 2 obvious camps. When I am with one…. The other get suspicious and when I with the other, the first one wonders if they sud be telling me things in case I report it to the 2nd. Sigh! What a disunited group! Never had this problem before.

Marido has been away for the whole week. I was actually quite apprehensive about him going off and leaving me behind cos I tend to feel a little ill after work and may need to be ferried around for food. Fortunately, this week was great. I managed to have dinner with good friends and with great food! What a treat! I tried this organic shop called Organic Café at Bangunan Siti Hasmah at Tmn Tun near Kiara walk. Pretty good.

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