Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Tadpoles

Since I am a frog.. it would make sense to call my 2 growing buns the in the oven... tadpoles... tho i don't think that tadpoles like being in ovens...

They have been steadily growing... and squirming around the limited space in my womb. Tell you what.. i actually feel like my body has been invaded by aliens. They move around and push here and there.. constantly reminding me of their presence. It's a good thing... them moving around.. but the feeling is quite out of this world... either like you have constant diarrhoea or u swallowed a live fish and it is swimming inside you. Queer Queer!

I have been reading about twins coming out earlier.. normally they come out about 3 weeks earlier. However.. some unfortunate cases in KL- one came out 2 months earlier.... at 32 weeks and the other I read about today came out at 31 weeks.. gosh I am almost at 27 weeks.. yicks! That is like another 4 weeks.

I plan to take photos of my growing bump at 31 weeks.. since this may be my only pregnancy... according to hubby. I am getting my friend Fiona to come over to my home to take shots of me in March. I hope it will turn out good. Hmm.. the bump is quite large... I think I look like a 7 month-er according to my sister. Fiona insisted that I take the photos as late as possible so that the bump will look 'nice and huge'... hopefully without stretch marks.

Ah! Tadpoles... u won't be swimming around for much longer.... but Mummy hopes that you will stay as long as possible and that you will not need me to go for caesarean.

Writing of caesarean,... i have not had a good experience with my gynaes.. the first one whom i liked got transfered to JB, then I had a doctor that spoke like Donald Duck twice in a row... then I switched to another which told me that he is not keen on natural birth and that I won't have enough milk to breastfeed my twins... would you believe that nasty doctor!! Or am i being too judgemental??

I decided that I will seek a 2nd opinion. Going to Damansara Specialist Hospital to visit my original gynae that told me to keep trying for a baby naturally (as mentioned in my earlier post). Hope the meeting will turn out good!

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