Sunday, February 03, 2008

Buying prams

Sheesh! I did not realise that it was so hard to choose a pram. Here were my options :

Brand, Model, Price, Includes, Weight
Peg Perego, Pliko P3, RM2299, pram plus car seat carrier, 8kgs without car carrier
Maclaren, Techno XLR, RM1799, pram only, 7.8kgs without car carrier
Combi, 5 way stroller, RM2299 , pram plus car seat carrier, 4.2kg without car carrier

All the strollers/prams could recline about 170 degrees (not fully but good enough. I was really in favour of the lightweight Combi (Japanese) strollers but Marido found that he had to hunch down to push the pram and he kept on kicking it too. I was also keen on the Maclaren but after bringing my sister along, she noticed that the padding on the Maclaren was too thin and not suitable for newborns which needed more comfortable surroundings. So, I got the P3 in the end. Heavy but let's hope it will be useful and hardy for travelling.

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Biow said...

that's the beauty of MacLaren.. it wun get too hot.. i tell u, bbs are hot creatures.. :P

wah, so expensive the price in malaysia.. techno XLR is abt sgd 500 here