Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fraternal Twins

You know, people tell me that they cannot differentiate between my 2 girls. Even my sister has trouble sometimes. Well, I guess that it must be hard if u have just seen the girls.. cos they are both almost 6.5kgs at 6 months and are also about the same height and have the same head circumference!

But to me that is where the similarity ends. Here are some examples of how they differ.

Cookie Eggy
Olive complexion Fair complexion
Soulful eyes Oriental eyes
Curled lashes (mascara) Straight lashes
Smiles with great delight Smiles shyly
Mummy's nose Daddy's nose
Shouts Screeches

Some behavioural differences. Cookie has started crawling.. or rather creeping at 4 months and so now, she is all over the place knocking her head on so many things that got in her way. She also seems to want to grab anything and she will keep trying by crawling right towards the thing and screaming her head off when she is blocked by some obstacle. She also bulldozes past things (even going on top of Eggy) to reach her goal. Eggy seems contented to just stay at the same position (developmentally she seems about 2 months behind even though they are only 2 mins apart- but all babies develop differently ;) ) Sometimes when Eggy pushes her head up and she finds that she cannot stay up long, she would just collapse with her head sideways on the mat (rather violently too!) and when she gets tired with too much pushing her head up, she would giggle by herself and smile before giving up!


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cookie = m ia