Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Esteve, Ashton, Hofma and Takamine

These are not names of the men I love! However, it must be names of men before they put it on their beloved guitars. Ahem... if they were men.. I would be mostl likely interested in Esteve.. Spanish mah! I was looking at these guitars in a shop today and managed to get all the prices and heard them being played... of course the best was the most expensive out of these brands- the Esteve.. the problem is that there is no website that talked about the model I am looking at the Esteve 3G163 I did find a french website said that it's a child guitar... ???

Well, the guitar sang.. it had a beautiful voice. But I better check out other Spanish guitars before I decide!

Why do I want a guitar.. well I got fed up of not getting the right chords during my song leading at cell group.. when u don't get the right notes, u either end up screeching like a wild cat or bellowing like a bull. Both are not great for being making a joyful and nice noise!

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