Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stories about my maid

1) One of the days my cell leader called me up to ask me to facilitate the group. I agreed without realising that I did not copy the notes for last week's message by Pastor Daniel. I was leafing through my notes and to my dismay found out that I did not copy anything. I was lamenting to my maid about that and she coolly took her own notes and passed them to me! I was astonished.. how did she managed to take care of the babes during Sunday celebration in church and have time and inclination to take notes (in English too!)

2) I was shopping in Bandar Utama at the URS store for shoes. I was trying on some and my maid gave comments and urged me to buy a pair that she likes. I bought the slippers and had good comments from my Hermana, Marido and Cunada too! My maid has good taste! Sometimes she would comment on my clothes and say that I am underdressed for the occasion.. can u believe that?

3)My maid came to Malaysia with no knowledge of Malaysian cooking styles.. within 6 months, she was cooking nyonya, malay, chinese and indian dishes... yummy!! Eg of what she does.. delicious old cucumber soup, ayam sioh, ayam dry curry, ayam rendang, yam rice with bak kut teh, ayam masak merah, bbq pork ribs, all sorts of veges, steamed fish with ginger and tomato, etc etc I must say that when I passed her the recipe books, I did not expect such excellence! Now I have bought her a mixer so that she can bake cakes too! More of that after CNY since I will be in Australia from Xmas till CNY. Anyway, I have told her that she better be a chef when she gets back to Indonesia... what a waste of talents otherwise!!

4) My maid loves my cat as much as I do.. she has also started giving him a smooch every day now in the morning... kakaakaka! But I only allow her to bathe kids but not the cat! The cat's bath is my job!

5) My maid is famous in my apartment. Almost everyone who gets to know me will tell me that they have seen her around wheeling the kids for a walk or to play in the pool. I think she enjoys the attention she gets wheeling the twins around... people actually stop her to chat to her.. how many maids can claim that the neighbours are friendly and chat to them!?

6) My maid is truly acting like my housekeeper and my time keeper.. just today, i was due for a Xmas party at 6.30pm. At 6pm, she told me that I had to stop talking to my kid (eldest daughter- 16) and had to pump milk and go off! Housekeeper? Oh.. she is very houseproud and will lament "Oh my house is so messy.. I best go and clean up now!"

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