Sunday, December 14, 2008

Even More Twin Pix

Grrr...This is Eggy looking upset cos Cookie has her hand on her butt! Doesn't Eggy look like a little duck?

Hmm.. I find this photo hilarious! They are on their high chair waiting for breakfast! They are on 2 solid meals a day.. can be 3 but I am too lazy.. or rather I am waiting for them to grow up a bit more!

Swimming in the pool.. I started them at the pool since they were 5 months old. They love it! But these days it's been raining cats and cats... and more cats... and so they have been moping at home.. together with my cat! Poor darling.. my cat i mean!


Biow said...

i love the middle pic! comel! and comical.

Mia said...

Thanks.. it's comical.. they look so it just me or do they look a bit like clowns?