Thursday, March 26, 2009

Call me Mem

My kids have taken to calling me "Mem"... wait a minute.....actually only Eggy calls me that. Cookie has not articulated anything resembling mum or ma.. or even pa.. while Eggy is busy with papapapa and mem mem mum mum. But in terms of activity, Cookie has started pointing a week ago.. in her 10th month. She also looks set to start walking.

Bookwise, Cookie is so interested in books and will sit still as I read her a book or two. Eggy.. lets just say that after a page or two, she would prefer to eat the book!

It also seems that Eggy is taller than her sibling and loves to torture her by beating her... poor Cooks! She just sits there and cry away.. of course Mem comes to rescue her!

Nimbus gets eaten by Eggy too! When she sees him from a distance, she would start crawling very fast towards him. After grabbing him violently, she would proceed to gnaw at his ears.. poor chap! He does not like it very much and would bite her and scratch her in return... serves her right... I dun interfere as I think that older babies sud realise that animals should not be grabbed and bitten.

Cookie is rather gentle with him. And so Nimbus would content to sit next to her and let her carress him. What a lovely picture!

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