Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Poor Eggy had fever last Friday and did not want to eat or drink any milk unless its from my breast directly. So I had to just let her drink milk for 2 days. On Sunday, I saw some red spots on her feet and on her bottom. I quickly sent her to the polyclinic nearby. The doctor there cud not confirm whether she had HFMD (which I suspected). He also did not take her temperature, nor opened her clothes to examine her body ... sheesh! He then gave her medicine for allergy (was there an allergic reaction??) and antibiotics (but babies sud not be given antiobiotics unless its very very critical!!). I just wrote him off as a very lousy doctor!

The next day, I took her to Damansara Specialist Hospital to see Dr Vasantha... immediately she diagnosed that it was HFMD by looking at the spots and checking her genitalia. She gave a pain numbing throat medication which must be given 30 mins before eating so that the pain will be gone to enable the child to eat, some Cataflam for the fever, Daktarin oral gel (treats fungal and bacterial infection). After a day of treatment, Eggy looked much better and by the next day, she could eat without relying on the pain numbing medication.

Doc said that she will take about 4 days to return to her usual self. So today, Wednesday, she is back to eating her normal portion... yay!

On the other hand, Cookie had high fever last night with axillary (armpit) temperature of 38.3 C which is considered high. Even with paracetamol, her fever refused to subside. I took her to the A+E at 11pm (dang! Marido is not in the country again!) The doctor told me that there is nothing much he can do cos I had already given the paracetamol at 9.45 and I sud not give another dose for another 4 hours (to prevent liver damage). So I had to sponge her when I got back and she went off to sleep. At 5am, she woke up warmish again and after her medication and sponging, she drifted off to sleep again.

This morning, i checked her throat and saw white dots.. sigh.. she caught the another round again. My hope is that neither my maid or I will catch it. I suppose we will know on Thursday or Friday.

p/s HFMD is not dangerous at all.. however I remembered that about 10 children died in Kuching some time ago of this. Probably because they cannot eat or drink due to pain and so they actually die of dehydration.

p/s 2 : I am definitely blessed that I dun have to worry about the big bill caused by this ... as it is.. it is almost the same amount as my sister's family get to claim for one year in her hubby's sorry organisation!

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