Sunday, April 19, 2009

A monologue for an audition

I had this big Siamese cat named Nimbus, who came and went as he pleased. One day he went out and didn't come back. Days went by, and I went up and down the corridors of the apartment, calling, "Nimbus, Nimbus!" I put up signs and knocked on doors and stopped my neighbours,--"Have you seen a big Siamese cat?"

I was very very sad all the time—oh how l loved this cat! He was cuddly and loved to be cuddled. He followed me around like a shadow as if he was a dog. He was hardly silent, he chatted to me during the day, waked me up in the morning with his meowy alarm clock voice and broomed like a bike whenever he ran down the stairs. He loved being petted and he greeted me every time I walk thru the front door. Many nights I had slept holding on to his 2 small furry paws.. bliss!

After more than a week of frantic looking and calling my husband said, "Maybe we should go for a walk downstairs at the lobby and asked the security guards if they have seen him”. We were talking loudly at the lobby when I suddenly heard a frantic meow and saw a cream and brown ball hurtling towards me! Oh Nimbus Nimbus.. I was almost in tears of happiness.

No more running away boy! I was so thrilled for him to be home and he never wander far away after that.

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