Monday, September 14, 2009

just for you and this is not a forwarded message!

it's not the myriad emotions that makes me long for you
its the quiet smile on your face
the warm glint in your eye
the laugh lines around your mouth
the little marks that make you you

it's the distance that separates us
the hurriedness of our conversations
the difference in time zones
the many events that distract us

It's the promise of a cosy silent evening
holding the hands of our children together
ruffling Nimbus and snatching him from each other
staring across to the hills and feeling the wind

So many things... so little time
how can one be bored?
how can one be a skeptic?
how can one be blind?

We love becos
we choose to love
So i say that i love you
by the things that i do

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