Monday, September 28, 2009

No more being a cow

It has been like 3 weeks since i stopped breastfeeding. I thought that i would miss it but actually i did not really suffer much after effects.. perhaps a tad sad cos of the hormones are not released as much to make one happy but the freedom enjoyed certainly makes up for it. at least now i can disappear from the kids for more than 4 hours.. that certainly helps with work (meeting clients) and of course, my work has picked up a lot more now.

So, officially I stopped breastfeeding in Sept 2009... which means that I actually breastfed for 16 months... i am amazed that i actually did it. to think that I did not sleep straight for more than 4 hours at night for one whole year due to the breastfeeding is like psychotic... looking back, i believe that God must have given me a steely edge to my determination. I wonder if i can do this all over again.. God help me!!

The kids are adjusting well to their Mama not feeding them anymore.. they have had the bottle for a long time and so the total switch was accepted with no fuss... In fact, after stopping the breastfeeding, Eggy's weight has slightly improved.. she was a tad skinny for her age.. in fact, below average. We shall see what the doctor says the next round.

I think i can be a lactation consultant... jajajaja.. but i noticed that many women arent interested to breastfeed. Mostly never even make the 2 months mark. Some just go straight to formula.. dunno..whether its lack of education or the pressure of working. But working... in the 2 months maternity.. no work, right?

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