Friday, July 15, 2005

PJ Public Library

I spent 2 hours in the PJ Public Library (Publib) today. It's near the Assunta Hospital. I have never been to a publib before. Only the ones in school and university and they were ok.. not great but sufficient for minimal research. I was quite impressed with the publib as my expectations were very very low.

I had been renting my books from a rent-a-book place which cost me RM30 at least a month cos I read about 6 books or more a month at the moment. RM31 is how much you need to pay to be a member of the publib. The idiotic thing is that you can only borrow 2 books at one go. On good days, I can read 2 books a day. Looks like I am gonna be going to the publib daily.

But I was there today to check out my watercolour painting guide and also my knitting guide.. talk about me being a grandmother... sigh! Where is the career woman gone to?.. in hiding I think. But I did do some studies related to 'work'. I was all alone in the 2nd floor of the library. I wandered to the 3rd floor and there was no one there too. I think Malaysians must not like to read so much... how to membangun sebagai satu negara yang maju dan bervisi?

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