Sunday, July 31, 2005

Roma - The Eternal City

My first impression of the Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino airpot was that it was OLD. buses still ferry passengers from the plane to the arrival terminals and vice versa. What was also unappealing was that the buildings was old and dirty. We (Shirrene-my kindergarten friend and I) took the train of 9.50 Euro from the airport to Stazione Termini which took half and hour. I was beginning to be excited.. I was finally in Roma (as spoken in Italian) but as the train moved towards the centre of Rome.. I saw graffiti on buildings and some of the buildings were so old and dilapidated that it really should be torn down. When we landed at Stazione termini, a foul smell, not unlike sewerage, assaulted us.

We then walked to our hostel on roads that was littered with garbage. All the shops were closed (it was Sunday). a few suspicious looking characters were lurking around. We walked for at least half a hour (it sud have only been 10 mins)before we finally spied Sunshine 2 hostel. The signage was only 1cm x 4 cm long... cis! however the door was massive with big brass knockers. when it was opened, I saw a very ancient lift but we had to walk up the stairs.. dang!

Sunshine 2 was not exactly sunny. The people running the place was sullen and only allowed us to dump our bags and we have to go out until 4pm. It was 1.30pm and we were dead tired form out flight that took us 16 hours in total.

In the end we parked ourselves in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II where Shirrene promply fell asleep. I looked around and noticed that the park neither had the grandeur of Buen Retiro in Madrid nor the merriment of klcc nor even the usefulness of tmn Paramount.

As you can tell, I was sorely disappointed. But that is today... tomorrow will be better... much better!


Spot said...

hey you're updating whilst on adventure! goody.

forgot to warn you about lock-out time in Italy. very common for hostels to have afternoon lock-outs. siesta time mah.

snowdrop said...

oh, i do hope the rest of your time in rome is better than this first day... i love love love rome! so jealous :(

so unfair-hor, lock-outs... THEY get to nap but YOU don't!

enjoy the rest of your trip... looking forward to more updates...

Biow said...

have a safe trip.. ENJOY!!