Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Fair Lady

Actors' Studio is staging the "Pygmalion" at KLpac in Sentul next month. This show follows the thread of My Fair Lady/Pygmalion of George Bernard Shaw in which a common flower seller is miraculously transformed to pass herself off as upper class. Manglist would be a common feature in this production!! The music will be totally original, composed especially for this production. Starring Harith Iskander as the irascible Professor Higgins, Indi Nadarajah as his bumbling friend from India, and introducing Michelle Quah as the flower girl Lisa who speaks like a market girl and sings like an angel.

This brings to mind ... my own little show of My Fair Lady in which I was the Fair Lady in question - Eliza Doolittle- staged during my 6th Form in Malacca High School. My leading man Prof Higgins was one of the boys I greatly admired for his literary strength.... Lee Ooi Kok and Simon Chen was Colonel Pickering. Sanjay Nadarajah played my spineless father whilst the gorgeous Preety Shah played Prof Higgin's mother. And not forgetting the adorable Jeffrey Low played Freddy Eynsford-Hill. Those people above in their current lives: Ooi Kok is a pilot with SIA and married to a lovely woman who works in Merrill Lynch, Simon Chen was last known to be on board the Doulos, Sanjay has disappeared from the face of the earth, Preety married a German guy and got disowned by her parents in the process (but she has 2 cute sons...), And Jeffrey (whom all the girls were swooning about...) married and settled in Melaka.

I loved being on stage. I loved singing and entertaining the audience. I felt such a thrill when the curtains opened to present me. Maybe I am an exhibitionist at heart. It was addictive... and for the next 4 years after that.. I was on stage.. portraying either an angel, a demon or the devil himself! It was really exhilarating... sometimes I wonder what I am doing now... staying away from the stage... maybe I think that I am over the hill or not good enough anymore.

Maybe someday, I might go back... some day....


Spot said...

if it weren't for harith iskandar being cast as higgins, i would actually watch this.

once we were waiting to enter the cinema at KLCC and there's the big star all dressed up, walking up and down outside the cinema and whichever coffee place that's next to it. walking, walking, posing, looking serious, look here, look there, strike a pose. hoping for someone to recognise him.


volunteer wcit 2008 said...


Sanjay Nadarajah didnt dissappear. I'm right here........been here all the time.