Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Midnight Malaysians

The time is coming close to midnight. It's supposed to be quiet. However, since 10pm, there is a blaring noise from below my 12th floor apartment of people singing/screeching Happy Birthday to you at least 10 times in different voices. THere must be a party going on.. however I could not trace where the voices are from. It's definitely something on a loudspeaker.

Now, I hear Indian music... very happy and happening. But but... it's close to midnight and I want to get some stuff into my brains on the "security market line" and the "Efficient Frontier" .. sigh!

THere is an end to this.. soon!

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Debz said...

i notice that a lot of malaysians sleep late. was at 1 utama to catch a midnight show. you can't believe how many kids are up and running at 12.15am! even pregnant mothers are up roaming about at that hour. as for me, i have to break my sleep in order for me to stay up for the midnight movie. i'm sure if you drop by at McD or any mamak outlets after midnight, you can see kids still up at that time of the day. i'm not talking bout weekends or school holidays, but on weekdays/ schoolnights.