Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How he became younger...

His hair is all white. He told me that he is nearing 60 and he enjoys the senior citizen discounts when he dines out and other perks like that. He is an old man!

But as I get to know him and listen to his charismatic talks and the way he challenges me about stuff, the white hair turns darker and darker. His strong and clear voice with his hawk like eyes and his arched inquisitive brows seems to morph and moved in a strange way that made him look 20 years younger. I get such a thrill when he signals me out of the many people that he is talking to.

I now understand the power of charisma and the effect it has on minds. It changes your initial judgement of the person when you then had only looked at the physical. What an interesting man he is. And to think that I am priviledged to have known him!

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