Monday, December 12, 2005

My sharpener

Tonight a dear friend told me something about a side of me that I was not aware off. It hurt of course but what good thing does not. Although I am not really sure how to deal with it but I was just glad that our friendship is important enough to her.

Told her not to give up on me. Told her to keep nudging me if she sees me slipping. Told her how much I appreciated that our friendship has climbed another level of openess and love. We had tears in our eyes whilst sitting in a hawker store with bright lights.. everyone must have thought us strange.

As iron sharpens iron, so shall friends sharpen each other.... so she is my sharpener... what an honour it is that she counts me worthy of her time to do some sharpening for.

Here's to you dear friend.. I only hope I am as good a friend to you as you are to me.


Spot said...

good to know that you see it that way. *files for future reference*

luckily your sharperner didn't let the fear of offending/hurting your feelings stop her from telling you.

as you know, i don't believe in tip-toeing around a subject. but for that, i get labelled sarcastic lah, cynical lah, cruel lah.


bottom line, i don't think it's right to let one's friends be delusional or oblivious. that's more important than the fear of putus kawan. :)

am happy for you that you have a sharpener. there aren't many out there.

Mia said...

Yeah.. I am glad that you are too one of my sharpeners..

Hey.. I may get defensive sometime.. hiding behind the pain but I hope for the most times, I will be receptive to correction.

1 of your sharpeners said...

Am unsure if all that indistinctive references had made you more confused instead of making things clearer for you.

In any case, I had wanted you to think about what was said, and then figure out by yourself who or what was involved. It is important that you have self-awareness, which can help flourish your many relationships with all the different kinds of people you meet in your life.