Monday, December 05, 2005

Who people think I am

I recently went out to dinner with one of Marido's newly found mate. David brought his wife Ani (both were in 50's). At first, Ani thought I was a Chindian (mixed Indian and Chinese)(I think it's got to do with my wearing a dress made from some sort of Indian cloth), then she got even more confused when I started speaking. She said that I had a distinct Malay accent. This is new to me. No one has ever said that I look like a Chindian nor sound like a Malay. Normally people mistake me for a Malay... esp when I am wearing the baju kurung.

Why, just last week, when I was at campus (wearing the baju kurung), 3 security guards started talking to me. At first they taught that I was Malay.. and then they looked at my ID tag and wondered aloud "Awak bukan Melayu??"

I don't think that I look particularly strange but it must be the combination of the darker skin with the clothes. Well.. that's good, I get to blend in... my next aim is to learn Tamil or Hindi. Who am I kidding... I can't even speak decent Cantonese... har har!!

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Debz said...

hahahah... yup, you're one true Malaysian then...

it's funny how only people in Malaysia categorise you based on your race and not who you really are as a person.

does it really matter whether you're chinese/ malay/ indian/ chindian/ mamak/ eurasian/ dan-lain-lain when you're a malaysian?