Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Here we have Elysia' 4th birthday party in KFC Mahkota Parade. Look at the cute hats (it's BOOTS from Dora the Explorer) that her mum made all of us wear. Elyon is not happy (look at him wailing away) but Elysia sure is.

She looks so demure.... it's not real.... the real her is a terror!! I can't believe that she posed so well. But she does look sweet in the new dress I got her.


Biow said...

ahhh.. sh has grown so much!! that's a very nice dress u got for elysia.

Mia said...

yes.. she's still tiny though... small built... and I like the dress too. She actually picked an ugly yellow one which she insisted made her look like a princess with the puff sleeves but I thought she looks more like a rose in this red one...;)