Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mondays with The Lees

I normally spend my Mondays waking up to a baby bawling his head off cos he is hungry and then after trying to ignore the cries for about 3 mins.. I hear a soft patter of feet coming into the room which I share with my sobrina (4 years old) and sobrino (4 months), then suddenly the little baby stopped crying as a bottle is stuffed into his mouth by his very bleary eyed father.

Then after another snooze of 2 hours, I finally get up to see the little girl get dressed to go off to her preschool classes. She looks so cute in her 'pinafore', 2 pigtails and the large bag in her hand. She waves goodbye at me and saunters off to the car with her dad.

The morning sees me carrying the little boy around the house, making gurgling noises at him and tickling him too. He is good in the mornings most times. However, as babies are wont to do, he would drool all over my t-shirt and sometimes squeal in surprise at his own poo-poo.

Naturally, I would have to give him a bath... the results hilarious. Elyon would smile when I say "Let's go Pom Pom!" but then proceed to scream when I lay him down on the little tub. Cleaning him is so difficult.. he is so heavy - about 8kgs... Mark was way lighter than that. But I manage ok.. the good thing is my sister is so cool about the not-so-right way of me cleaning him. I think she is so tired that any method is better than none. After bathing, Elyon would promptly put his fist into his mouth... mmmm...clean delicious fist... just my favourite thing!

Then the mak nenek sobrino would come back from class with plenty to tell... she would regale me with stories that I cannot comprehend but I just mutely nod or sometimes grunted in response to her enthusiastic gestures.

After lunch, my hermana and I would sometimes bake a cake or some cookies together or watch a silly movie while the kids are taking their afternoon naps... (these naps sure make them monsters at night). By 4pm, my sister is already exhausted from cleaning the large semi-dee house (it's more than 3000sqft easily), cooking 2 meals, baking, taking care of the baby and kid and the dalmation. I'd like to think that when I visit her, I am actually helping her out and not stressing her out.

Well... the 'joys' of motherhood!

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