Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stunts by the boys in the neighbourhood

Can u see that one of the boys is naked and someone else's hand is strategically blocking the view...


Biow said...

wah.. how u manage to take such nice shots!?

all of u so pro in photography.. perhaps i shd start to take an interest as well.. :p

Spot said...

My goodness, what kind of shutter speed was that on, to freeze the action? Good job.

Thought your camera lost, btw?

Mia said...

Actually.. it's my friend's camera... he's the pro...and I have become his latest fan. And he said that I could use his pictures

My cam is still missing... and I doubt my camera can take that kind of shot and besides.. it takes forever to get the perfect shot.

I think to take such shots... I will faint in the heat first... he he

Spot said...

Ah. Yeah, I did think that your SOny wasn't equipped for this kind of photography.

The slim slim cameras aren't stable enough to avoid camera shake, neither do they have the capacity for the kind of monster speeds you need for these shots.

Tell me about taking forever. :)

Mia said...

buah ha ha... hey,.. since my camera missing, I am eyeing the new olympus-can-use-underwater-one... so cool. Stylus 720SW at RM1599 with 1G card.... 7.1mp and shock resistant, faster shutter speed